Thursday, November 22, 2007

Greenpoint Apartments

As promised, some pictures of my apartment. It seems as though nearly every intern at NVIDIA is staying here! I'm renting a two bedroom apartment for $1550, although the rate varies slighty depending on number of free apartments.

First thing you do when you arrive is to go to the leasing office. That's this small building right here:

This is the road it's on, Warburton Avenue, with the apartments to the right. It's a quiet road with not many cars driving by since there's a major avenue just one down.

They have a tennis court and a pool. The tennis court isn't used that much so it's not that difficult to get some time on it. The pool is rather useless now with winter pretty much upon us already.

This is what one of the apartment blocks look like from the outside. They're pretty much all the same design. My apartment is the one with the balcony on the second floor in this picture.

This is what the lounge/dining room area looks like. It's a fair size and some interns get a third person sleep here. None of the furniture comes with the apartment -- I got it all from Chris.

This is the kitchen. Everything but the microwave comes with the apartment. Yes, that is a dishwasher on the right -- lazy Americans!

This is my bedroom. Once again, the matress is from Chris. Although he failed to tell me that there was no linen, so I was a tad cold the first night. The other bedroom is identical -- Migael will be joining me in 10 days and will take up that room. Nick will probably be joining us some time in January and take the lounge.

And finally, the bathroom. There's one to share in this apartment.

So as you can see it's decent for the price you pay, bearing in mind that rent in the US is far more than in SA. It's 1.4 miles from NVIDIA. I've been walking there this week, which takes about 20-30 minutes. Yesterday I got Chris' bike so the time should be reduced to about 5-10 minutes.


  1. Looks like a neat place. Is $1550 for the duration of your internship, or $1550 per month?

  2. $1550 per month. This is the US, prices are fairly steep. Although when Migael joins me in a week that will be shared between the two of us.

  3. Hey marco, congratz on becoming an NVIDIAN, its something I aspire to become...
    I got an internship offer from them for the summer, and needless to say I will accept... great job with the pictures of the apartment!! Hows life in santa clara?

  4. Pity we'll be missing one another as my internship here ends in Feb. Santa Clara is pretty dull, but as you go out there's a lot of cool places not too far away.

  5. Hey Marco!
    I know this has been a long time ago, but I'm moving into one of the apartments and I'm trying to find out the best option for an ISP. Did you get Internet? What carrier?

  6. @Gandhi: I went with Comcast. Things might have changed, but at the time they were by far the most cost effective. They are full of bullshit though, but there was no other sensible choice.

  7. That's what I was afraid of... Teresa said that it's possible to get AT&T, but they don't seem to have cable over there... I just don't want to pay freaking $60 every month for just Internet connection!!
    Thanks for the info btw!

  8. That's odd. They were definitely servicing the area when I was there and it was about $20 for a pretty fast line. Have you looked at Verizon's fiber option? I don't know if they ever made it to the area, but it was going to be significantly cheaper.

  9. Yeah, I already looked up Verizon and they still don't have FiOS in Greenpointe. Also, At&t says that their cable (u-verse) is not available either there... Seems like Comcast is the only one offering cable... I'll have to call At&t to confirm. Or maybe I will just use one of those WEP signals... :P

  10. hey, thank you for posting the pictures. My name is Heather and me and my friend are looking to rent an apartment next year. I am going to be attending santa Clara University and she is going to culinary school in San Jose. Would your apartment complex be a good choice for us? Is it even close to Santa clara?

  11. Hi Heather!
    I'm currently attending SCU and I'm living at Greenpointe with my girlfriend. It takes me 5-10 min to get there by bike. Walking is 30 minutes. You have two buses that leave you right in front of SCU, 32 and 60. The ride takes approximately 5 minutes.