Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Down, Four To Go

Just a couple of hours ago, the following hit my inbox:

February 11, 2007

Dear Marco Franco Antonio Gallotta,

Thank you for applying to the Computer Science Ph.D. Program at Stanford University. The Ph.D. Admissions Committee has reviewed your application and we are sorry to inform you that the committee did not recommend you for admission. The number of applicants far exceeds the number of those we can admit, which makes the admissions process a difficult and painstaking one. As a result, many strong candidates must be turned down.

We wish you every success in satisfying your educational and career goals.

Sincerely yours,

Graduate Admissions
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
I'm not sure what my response is to it yet, but it's sinking in fast. This is a big step I'm taking, one which will decide my future for at least the next five years. And now that that the first response has come in, I'm starting to feel very nervous as the rest are likely to start coming through rather soon now. Nervous as hell! I just want it to be over, either way!


  1. Be strong commander... be strong! :)

  2. Sheesh how insanely high are their standards?! Good luck Marco!

  3. ouch, that's harsh. They are losing out and we should feel pity about their shortsightedness

  4. best of luck with the rest man!