Sunday, June 29, 2008

2010 FIFA World Cup and Total Solar Eclipse

Who's bright idea was it to hold the final of the 2010 world cup during a total solar eclipse? Whoever it was, well thank-you very much for immediately losing several thousand viewers just right there.

Yes, the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup takes place on 11 July. A quick Google of that date tells me that there's going to be a total solar eclipse that day. To make matters worse it's likely to fall smack bang in the middle of the match with the peak at 21:33 SAST!

So tell me now, is this pure coincidence or was it planned? Amazing if they had planned it like that, hilarious if coincidental.


  1. Hello, Marco!
    Excellent post, my friend, excellent.
    Happy day

  2. God could have at least made the tse occur over a land mass

  3. Why would this be at all relevant to the scheduling of a night game? (It will be a night game at the site right, right?) However, it would be fun to know if someone ever thought of the coincidence. Please share if you find out.

    Personally, in the choice of watching La Final or a very routine non-event in the middle of nowhere, this astronomy fan will choose the obvious and stay glued to the TV.

    Best of luck with your research!

  4. I don't understand. I looked at that orthographic map and it seemed to indicate that the eclipse was only going to happen in the South Pacific. Where are the South African details?

  5. @south_african It will pass over South America

    @cesar While night time in South Africa, it will be daylight in the parts of the world experiencing the eclipse.

    @tania The world cup is watched all over the world, not only by those in South Africa.

  6. Guess it will not be visible from South Africa...
    It will be great though for those living on Easter Island.

  7. I don't think the solar eclipse will be much of a problem. It is not anywhere near South Africa and even if it was the stadium should be lit up so the eclipse won't affect the game very much

  8. Fantastic! I just found out the same thing, and it seems you are the only reference (when I google for worldcup final and eclipse), so kudos for that! I will be going to Easter Island, so have fun in Jo'burg!

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