Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proposal Presentation

My proposal presentation went really well today. I was concerned that the biology jargon would get in the way of the meat of the project, but we got past that. Edwin is my second reader and he provided some very useful criticism. Main thing I'm glad about is he suggested we remove the user testing aspect, which was always my least favourite. He also picked up a few bits of jargon we need to describe better come the thesis, but nothing major. The last thing he picked on was a concern I raised with Alex (my co-supervisor) previously anyway, which means I'll be paying more attention to it.

So on from here we go. Next step is to continue with the background reading and starting of the background chapter. The plan is to wrap up with the bulk of the background reading by the end of this year and then dig deep into the project. I have a tight schedule as I plan to finish up by October next year. I've had very contradictory reactions to this, some saying it's quite doable, others laughing it off. We'll see.


  1. Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction. Your target timeline is ambitious - but not impossible. Remember that there are a lot of external factors that will influence the timeline - finding more research material, delays in some external inputs etc. One thing I did find helpful was to start writing as soon as possible - it is far easier to write the final thesis when all the other data is already there!

  2. Thanks for the advice. On the positive side, I have some experience from the "lost" six months of my old project. I totally agree with you wrt starting to write early, one reason I pushed to get my proposal out quickly. The tricky bit is going to be working around Michelle being on sabbatical for the first half of next year (but still in CT for most of this time).

  3. I relly like youre blog ;). x Rebecca.