Thursday, July 19, 2007

ICFP Contest Tomorrow

The ICFP Contest is finally underway tomorrow at noon and continues non-stop through till Monday noon. That's 72 hours of coding goodness! Sweet!!

Currently we're sitting on a total team size of 19. I think that's a record. :P We have the 4th ranked TopCoder, 6 IOI participants, 2 IMO participants and 4 ACM world finalists on our team. Not to mention the circus guy whose primary form of transportation is a unicyle and some silly man who likes his hair green.

Unfortunately there's a scheduled power cut on Saturday from 11:00-13:00, although we're not sure if we'll be affected.

One of the contest organisers has a blog in which he's been going on about this story about a spam message they received from which they've decrypted and posted several pictures. They are obviously connected to the contest, since recent postings have mentioned that they're getting close to cracking its secrets and it looks like they will "crack" it when the contest begins.

If I get a break I might be posting brief updates during the contest. So keep your eyes glued!

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