Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Have a TV

Remember my post about my home theater? All I was waiting for back then was the TV. Well, it arrived on Friday and was installed on Saturday. Unfortunately the news of its arrival has been swamped by my participation in the ICFP. Nevertheless, it is here!

Up until a week ago we were going for the 42". Well, that all changed when the price dropped by a huge amount. We are now stuck with an even bigger 50"! I tell you, seeing these things in the stores is one thing. Having them in your own home...that's the first time you truly see how beatiful and how enormous these beasts truly are! Here's an attempt at trying to awe you readers out there, although it barely touches the true beauty this thing reveals:

A couple of weeks ago we got a PS3. I was amazed at the graphics on an SD can imagine my amazement when connected to this beast. Currently we're waiting for the real games to come out so we only have Resistance and Motor Storm. I am anticipating the launch of GT5, which is said to be the first ever full 1080p game.

We also have one of these wonderful devices hooked up. It streams divx content over the network. I tell you, with an HD panel you can't not notice the low quality of divx. That's to be expected, but I didn't realise just how noticeable it would be.

Then finally we have Multichoice's PVR, which there isn't much to talk about.

You have to see and hear it for youself to understand just how amazing the whole setup we have going is. The guy that came to install the TV said the sound was the best he's ever heard, and he even has the same amp! He also loved the Ziova - to the point where he's trying to get one for himself now. :P

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  1. hi marco,thanks for the kind words,and your are right the system did blew me away,a couple of weeks ago i did an install with the same Yamaha 225 speaker package and a Yamaha RX-V459 amp,i must admid the overall output was very disappointing and the bass was also very week,but since Balanced Audio(yamaha's sole importer)teamed the RX-V659 with the 225 speaker package the result is amazing,and if i must also add the RX-V659 is a EISA AWARD WINNING AMP-BEST PRODUCT HT RECEIVER 2006-2007,but also sadly it has been replaced by the highly acclaimed RX-V661 HDMI RECEIVER,as you saw i have placed the surround speakers a little higher as usual,as per THX standards so the sound can bounce off the sealing making them harder to locate,some prefer the surrounds close to them and also at a high volume,in my book it distracts you from whats happening onscreen,you should only hear it when there is an off screen effect.....i hope you guys njoy your av system.regards Mervin Adams