Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home Theater

At the end of last year we started adding a pool room to our house. It's been dragging on a bit over the past few month. Last month we got the pool table (officially giving it pool room status), but today was where the fun started.

Today we purchased the first piece of our soon to be home theater - the surround sound system! We're still waiting for the plasma to arrive in the country, but we got a little anxious and connected the speakers to one of our "old" TV's. I tell you, this thing makes some serious noise!!

The plasma that we're waiting for is a new Panasonic 42". From the reviews I've read it's quite a beauty. Haven't seen it yet, since it's brand new - yet to reach SA. They claim it should arrive end of the month the latest. Oooh...just too excited!!

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