Saturday, June 2, 2007

Return to Google

In April this year UCT sent a team to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest again, having beaten all other South African universities for a 5th consecutive year. This year it was in Tokyo and I went with the team as coach. Need I say we clinched top in Africa and the Middle East by beating the sole competing team...for the 5th consecutive year. :P

To the point of this post. Last month Google sent the team an invitation to Google. And guess what? The invitation was to the Zurich office!! So I'll be revisiting the office I worked at for 3 months. Only as a visitor this time. :D

I just arranged my flights on Thursday and will be going to journey Frankfurt for a couple days before flying over to Zurich. I'll be gone between the 18 and 24 June. Should be a cool opportunity to meet up with work buddies again. Also found out recently that one of them will be transferring to Mountain View, so I'll also be meeting up with him when I go to Nvidia if his visa application pans out, which isn't looking so hot at the moment.

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