Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frankfurt Day 1

After a long flight last night, here I am in Frankfurt, checking off yet another country on my visited list. There was nothing unusual about the flight - long and boring. One thing I noticed though is that the work on Johannesburg's airport appears to have picked up a bit since I last passed by in April.

The first few things I noticed about Frankfurt - a buzz, lots of bicycles and they love their electronics. I arrived very early, so I was wondering around before the shops opened, staking out what places to go to. Also took a nice stroll along the river.

The first few stores I went inot were quite large. The ones I enjoyed most were the electronic ones, of course. ;) The first one was two floors and had a lot of stuff. Having been going through the process of purchasing a plasma, my draws fropped again when I loooked at the prices they had here. And they had a much wider variety, including a 70" complete with gold frame!!

Another one I went into had a floor stocked with cables. And if they didn't have the one you wanted, they also stocked the parts required to make your own! Another floor of the same store had a collection of model cars, trucks, planes, etc. and all the parts required to build one from scratch. Then there was this other department store with just one floor of electronics. There I saw the 50" model of the plasma I had ordered - stunning!

Being Germany, I've also been on the lookout for some nice cars. And I got results within a few hours - following an Enzo led me to an area full of Jags, Mercs, the nice BMW's and more. They were all gathered on the street where places such as Guci and Cartier were situated.

I think that's enough for now. More coming tomorrow hopefully.

PS: German keyboards are just wrong!!

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