Thursday, September 13, 2007

SACO: All Ready To Go!

A group of twelve of us have been preparing the problems for the final round of the South African Computer Olympiad over the past month. We've spent many hours proof-reading the problems and writing over 100 check solutions to make the problems as polished as we possibly can. We are finally ready for to hit the big red button, getting the show underway.

If you're a contestant this year, best of luck to you and I'll see you tomorrow! If you're not, however, you can still compete. I announced our first ever online contest here, but this deserves a reminder. Registration is open and full details can be found here. The problems in the main event are very challenging, so if you're not used to this level of competition I recommend trying the junior contest.

Last I heard the registration numbers are fairly good, although we'd love to see you join in as well. The probability of us repeating this in future years is directly proportional to the numbers and hence its success. If anything, our Monty Python theme (with Python being a key language thanks to Mark Shuttleworth) is alone a reason good enough to participate in the fun!

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