Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grid-Based Genetic Algorithm Approach to Colour Image Segmentation

So, my honours project has reached completion status. Yesterday my partner, Keri Woods, and I demoed to our supervisor and second reader. Following the demo, our project went on display along with all the others in the department for our annual Computer Science Open Day.

I have a full project website, which you can check out here:

The project was about using a genetic algorithm to solve the problem of colour image segmentation. There has been an abundance of research into image segmentation, but there is still no one true algorithm that solves the problem once and for all. Our aim was to see if it was possible to get as close to this one true algorithm by using a genetic algorithm to handle the uncertainty in the input.

A secondary aim was to develop a genetic algorithm model for the Grid. There has largely been a lack of research in this area and we attempted to spark some interest. Lots of research, especially testing on larger scales, needs to go into this before it is usable.

Check out the website if any of that catches your interest. I certainly enjoyed the project a lot and it's disappointing it's come to an end. I will probably still try make some time to put some further work into it.

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