Saturday, October 27, 2007


So, next month I head on over to Santa Clara to work for the big green machine. I'm there for three months for an internship. I start on 19 November and work there through their winter until 15 February when I'll hopefully be sad to leave.

There have been so many of us going there from UCT over the past few years, ever since Shaun Nirenstein started out there. Bruce, Carl, Nick, Chris, Ashley...and plenty others have all had their stint. From what they've told me it's a lot of fun, although I'll soon be able to compare to my experiences at Google. It's only nine miles to Google HQ in Mountain View, so I'll finally get a chance to check them out.

I've started my search for accommodation and the likes a tad late, as usual. So I'm without a roommate at the moment. I might have to settle for the exorbitant rates of a single room apartment if I don't find someone soon, so take this as a call for help if you know anyone out there. ;-)

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