Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Grand Turismo 5

Gran Turismo has always been my favourite PlayStation game. It's the only series I've always anxiously awaited the next release of. The fifth installment is planned for release early next year. It will be the first 1080P PS3 game.

Here's a short trailer that was shown at E3 last month:

Sony quite a while ago made a concept version of the game, Gran Turismo HD Concept, available free for download. As you can imagine though, the file was rather large and the bandwidth in SA rather lacking. Yesterday being the last day of the month however, I was able to let the the thing consume all the bandwidth it required - which turned out to be 690MB!

So I started playing around with it this afternoon. I must say I'm pretty impressed. This concept version is based on the new engine built for GT5 and I can certainly feel the difference. They provide ten cars to test, but only one track. One of the cars is a Ferrari, which I'm glad to see they've finally sorted out a license for! The graphics aren't there just yet, but that we can judge when the full game is launched.

Let the serious PS3 games roll on out!

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