Wednesday, August 22, 2007

IOI Results

The results of IOI 2007 are out. Tomasz Kulczyński of Poland won with a total of 574/600 with two Chinese trailing behind him followed by a Croatian. We got two bronze medals with Ralf just missing out on silver by two places (6 points) and Dirk-B making the other end of bronze.

The results are available in full here. Henadzi Karatkevich of Belarus won the youngest medalist award - winning a gold (20th place) at the age of 13! Chinese once again got four golds.

Dirk-B receiving his bronze:

Ralf receiving his medal:

The full team after the awards ceremony (Donald, Marco, Mark, Dirk-B, Ralf, Charles, Peter):

All is over now. Tomorrow we catch a 10:00 bus to the airport. It's been a wonderful time, even with the few criticisms. I'd love to return to Egypt next year, which from speaking around looks like could be an amazing year.

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