Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ACM ICPC World Finals: Live Scoreboard

The 32nd ACM ICPC World Finals starts in just under two hours (countdown). You as the public will be able to for the very first time view the problems and the scoreboard live at the very same time as we do on-site. All you have to do is go to this site.

Good luck to all and may the best team win!


  1. where is scoreboard i can't see it via the site when i click on lunch scoreboard nothing happens

  2. You're not supposed to eat the scoreboard :-)

    I had that too to start with. Later on it worked for me. Well, sort-of worked, because the Javascript that runs it is so slow that it causes my browser to ask if I want to kill it.

  3. I found FireFox to work better (than that "other" thing) :)

    Scoreboard works well - pitty we can't "hack it" to get UCT to reflect better results :)