Saturday, April 26, 2008

SACO Online Contest

The second training camp for the South African IOI squad is coming up in a weeks time on the weekend of 2-4 May. This will be the final round of training and competition before we select the team for the IOI in Egypt.

As we've done in the past, we are continuing to offer the problems in an online contest that will be run simultaneously. You are all welcome to participate. The contest page and place to register is:

The times are:
Languages accepted are C/C++, Pascal, Java, Python and Haskell. If you have any clarification requests or other queries, email them to

And while I'm at it, there are a couple other really good contests coming up soon. The IPSC on 24 May is a team of 3 contest with no limits on computers used or programming language. The problems are typically very mathematical and some rather interesting and unusual problems creep in.

The there's the ICFP Contest. Yes, that's the one we came 2nd in last year! Things weren't looking so hot for this one as there was a long period of silence as to what was happening with the contest this year. We were concerned in particular because we had offered to host and received positive feedback initially, but then the organisers went mute and we never heard from them. Anyway, it's being hosted by John Reppy (University of Chicago) and Tim Sheard (Portland State University) this year (from here), although we don't yet have the dates. As soon as we have them we will know who's available for our team. Here's hoping it's a smashing contest this year! If you look around you'll see that John hosted the 2000 and Tim the 2002 ICFP Contests...interesting!


  1. You are conducting a good contest which will be very useful to professionals..

  2. Hey Marco, I wanted to submit a solution to, but it says "No markers attached" or something, when I submit the code. How to make it run my source code on the judge's input? Thank you!