Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playboy Energy Drink

When one travels internationally as much as I do there are many interesting people you bump into. However, it's most interesting the people you sometimes meet while flying. On my return flight from New York earlier this week I sat next to someone with the following business card:

Yes, the name of the company is Playboy Beverages. And Rick Liberty, the sales rep manager of the company is the one that was sitting next to me. He told me about their new Playboy Energy Drink that they had just begun launching less than a month ago, although only available in the Boston area for now. He was on his way to South Africa to try continue discussions to distribute it here and he told me that if things went smoothly we would see it in stores here in about a month! Many people like me don't like the taste of Red Bull, but I've tasted Monster which tastes much better and apparently this one's taste is much closer to Monster.

One thing that really surprised me is how they got so many shots with celebrities holding the drink and that they all asked for their picture to be taken without requesting a single cent!

From what I heard they sound like they have amazing fun doing this. And it's amazing how much just three people, yes three!, can do with such a great idea.


  1. So have you heard at which university you'll be studying later this year?

  2. Any such news will hit my blog after my friends hear it directly from me first. All I can tell you for now is that I have heard back from UIUC, but not Waterloo.

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