Sunday, May 25, 2008

South African IOI Team 2008

Three weeks ago we had our final training camp before selecting the South African team for the International Olympiad in Informatics. We experimented with extending it by a day to allow for more presentations and have group problem tackling sessions, which worked out really well.

Shortly after the camp we had a meeting to select the team. The team for this year's International Olympiad in Informatics in Egypt is:

  1. Haroon Moolla
  2. Mark Danoher
  3. Saadiq Moolla
  4. Schalk-Willem Kr├╝ger
Yes, Haroon and Saadiq are brothers, which is a first for the South African team. It is also a first that we have two members from the same school, which I am proud to say is my school -- Rondebosch Boys' High School. No, I did not rig the results. ;-) In fact the two that lost out on being selected were also from Rondebosch!! What is also great to see is that Schalk-Willem is only in grade 11 and so therefore has the opportunity to attend three IOI's.

The IOI this year takes place in Cairo from 16-23 August. I will be attending as deputy team leader along with the team leader Peter Waker.

The second round of the SACO takes place at schools across the country in just 5 days (30 May). If you're one of the contestants be sure to read this page I wrote for information on how to prepare.

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