Saturday, May 31, 2008

UCT Computer Science Test/Exam Archive

It's exam time at UCT once again, but thank goodness I'm not writing any longer. I've kept an archive of past tests, exams and other related things on my website going back to about 2001. There are a lot of holes, which I try fill whenever I find someone will papers lying around.

I've just done a bit of updating of 1st and 2nd year papers. Currently it's sitting at about 50MB, which should give you an idea of how large a collection it is. Lots of people have found it very useful. I just hate it when some lecturers are so indecisive as to whether to give them to the students and that by the time they do it's just too late. It's also miserable the number of test and exam questions that are blatantly copied over the years.

Peruse the archive, take from it what you wish and please send me any papers you find that I'm missing:


  1. Where can i get the solutions to some of the test questions

  2. Marco - can't access te CSC past exam papers - database error